Chris McKenna (actor)

Is Chris McKenna married?

Chris McKenna (actor)

Chris McKenna
Born Christopher Luther McKenna October 18, 1977 Queens, New York, U.S.
Occupation Actor
Years active 1991–present
Partner(s) Lovisa Jansson

What is Chris McKenna known for?

Chris McKenna is an American television writer, film producer, screenwriter, and television producer. He has written for American Dad!, Community, and The Mindy Project.

How old is Chris McKenna?

44 years (October 18, 1977)Chris McKenna / Age

Who plays buckle on American Dad?

Buckle is voiced by Matt McKenna.

Who wrote Spiderman no way home?

Erik Sommers
Chris McKenna
Spider-Man: No Way Home/Screenplay

Who plays buckle?

He also appears during “Everyone is Happy in Utopia” in “300”. Buckle is voiced by Matt McKenna.

Who voices Santa on American Dad?

On a trip to the past in “Stan & Francine & Stan & Francine & Radika”, former roommate Radika walks up behind Stan, causing him to happily question “Santa?”, despite the family’s later falling out with St. Nick. Santa is voiced by Matt McKenna.

Why is there 3 Spider-Man in No Way Home?

We wanted to make sure that [Maguire’s Peter and Garfield’s Peter] would come in with different perspectives, so that they weren’t just some sort of monolithic thing.

Are Tobey and Andrew in No Way Home?

Spider-Man: No Way Home brought three sets of Spider-Man fans together in glorious harmony. Tom Holland’s Marvel Cinematic Universe ‘Spidey’ was joined by Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man and Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man featured in the beloved Sam Raimi trilogy.

What episode does Stan meet buckle?

Buckle first appears in “An Apocalypse to Remember” as a mountain man who quit being an Imagineer for Disney and went to live in the forest for ten years for fear of a nuclear apocalypse.

Who is the voice of buckles on American Dad?

Matt McKenna
Matt McKenna: Buckle, Buckle the Mountain Man, Santa Claus, Cap’n Monty, Alan J.

How did Stan’s dad become Krampus?

As Santa flees, Jack and the Krampus’ blood intermingles, transforming Jack into the new Krampus. Before his transformation with Jack, Krampus had a failed relationship with a woman named Sheila, who cheated on him in Baltimore.