Most Mondeos are solid and reliable, but there have been some engine issues reported, with a few 2.0-litre diesels cutting out unexpectedly while being driven.

Is 2011 Ford Mondeo reliable?

Most Mondeos are solid and reliable, but there have been some engine issues reported, with a few 2.0-litre diesels cutting out unexpectedly while being driven.

Does the Mondeo Titanium X have sat nav?

The Ford Mondeo Titanium X Business Edition gets automatic lights, a touchscreen sat-nav system, front and rear parking sensors, plus a ‘Quickclear’ heated front windscreen.

What’s the fastest Ford Mondeo?

Ford has revealed the 2012 Mondeo Titanium with a 240hp Ecoboost option, making it the fastest ever Mondeo.

What is the TYRE pressure for a Ford Mondeo?

35 PSI / 2.4 BAR
Ford Mondeo 2010 Tyre Pressure

Front Tyre Size Front Tyre Pressure Rear Tyre Pressure
215/50/R17 W 95 35 PSI / 2.4 BAR 35 PSI / 2.4 BAR

How do I get the radio code for my 2008 Mondeo?

You can unlock the radio in your Ford Mondeo from the seven digit serial number beginning with M or V. You will find the serial number printed on a label or by pressing 1 & 6 on the radio. All Ford Mondeo Radio Codes are shown instantly on screen.

What is the best engine for a Ford Mondeo?

Ford Mondeo petrol engines If you cover fewer than 18,000 miles a year, you should consider the 1.6-litre EcoBoost turbo petrol engine, which has decent power and reasonable fuel economy, as well as being much quieter and smoother than any of the diesels.

Are Ford Mondeos fast?

Ford Mondeo hybrid engine Performance is best described as adequate, with a 0-62mph time of 9.2 seconds (identical to the old 1.5-litre petrol engine). For the most part, you’ll hardly notice the switch between the petrol engine and electric motor, with the engine shutting down when coasting in town or on a motorway.

Does Mondeo have PowerShift?

Ford Mondeo 2011: Any known problems with PowerShift transmission? The PowerShift transmission problems related to the dry clutch transmission fitted to the Focus, Fiesta and EcoSport models. The Mondeo has a wet clutch transmission, and as such, is not affected.

How reliable is the Ford Mondeo Titanium X?

Our pick of the Ford Mondeo Titanium X range is the 2.0-litre TDCi diesel which returns 62.8mpg and emits 119g/km of CO2. Petrols are thirsty with the Titanium X Sport 2.0-litre EcoBoost returning poor figures of 36.7mpg and 179g/km of CO2.Like all other models in the Ford Mondeo range, expect the Titanium X to be reliable.

What is the sportiest Ford Mondeo you can buy?

It’s available in hatchback and estate body styles – the saloon was dropped at the last facelift in 2010 – and because Ford doesn’t make a high-performance Mondeo ST, the Titanium X Sport is the sportiest Mondeo you can buy. As you would expect for a flagship model, the Titanium X Sport is very generously equipped.

How fast is the new Ford Mondeo’s 0-62 time?

The new engine increases the 2.2 TDCI Mondeo’s kerbweight by 28kg compared to the 2.0 TDCI, explaining the slightly underwhelming performance: the claimed 8.7 second 0-62 mph time is just half a second quicker than the less powerful diesel. The good news is that, subjectively, the 2.2 TDCI feels far quicker than that.

Are there any problems with the Ford Mondeo?

The Mondeo seems generally well built and the engines have been used across the Ford range with no serious problems. Test drive when the engine is cold, walk round the car and smell for diesel, also listen for a rattle from the engine. If you can smell diesel, it could be that the injector pipe is leaking.