How will you identify an object using XPath in UFT?


  1. Open UFT and create a new test.
  2. Disable Smart Identification for the Button test object by selecting Tools > Object Identification.
  3. Disable automatic XPath by selecting Tools > Options > Web > Advanced, and then making sure that the Learn and run using automatic XPath identifiers checkbox is not selected.

Can we use XPath in UFT?

The benefit of using XPath in UFT is that XPath alone is sufficient to uniquely identify an object in a Web-based application. If UFT is not able to uniquely identify an object, we can go for XPath to easily identify the object without wasting much time on smart identification and ordinal identifiers.

How does QTP identify objects in the application?

QTP performs the operation only after identifying the object uniquely. In order to identify the object uniquely it uses property values of the respective object which will be stored in the Object Repository. Note: To view the property values of the object, QTP uses Object Spy. Object Spy is a tool available in QTP.

How do you uniquely identify an object in UFT?

UFT One has a predefined set of properties that it learns for each test object. If these mandatory property values are not sufficient to uniquely identify a learned object, UFT One can add some assistive properties and/or an ordinal identifier to create a unique description.

What is ordinal identifier in UFT?

An Ordinal Identifier assigns a numerical value to the test objects, which indicates its location or order relative to its group. The Ordered value enables QTP to recognize it uniquely when the inbuilt properties are NOT sufficient to do so.

How do I inspect element in UFT?

Capture Tool Tip Using XPath

  1. Open this link in Google Chrome browser.
  2. Right click on the page and click on ‘Inspect Element’
  3. Use the little magnifying glass on the left and inspect ‘First Name’ edit box. Locate the tool tip in the console below.
  4. Highlight the row > Right Click > Copy XPath.

How does the visual relation identifier identify an object in the application?

Visual Relation Identifier is a set of definitions that enable you to identify the object in the application according to the relative location of its neighboring objects. For example, say you have two Submit buttons on web page.

What are mandatory and assistive properties in QTP?

Quick Test can add some assistive properties and an ordinal identifier to create a unique description. Mandatory properties are the properties that Quick Test always learns for a particular test object class.

What is smart identification in UFT?

Smart Identification is a mechanism to identify the objects in Object Repository when the normal mechanism fails. It is applicable only for Web Applications. This mechanism is used by UFT to identify objects at Run time.

What is the default ordinal identifier?

ordinal Identifier is “Index”. For Web Browser, default is “Creation Time”.

What is visual relation identifier?