How to install a harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote control?

Install a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote control by wiring the receiver to the fan motor’s electrical box. Identify and match the black, white and blue inside the fan canopy to the new remote receiver. Attach each corresponding wire. Secure receiver and canopy and test new remote.

How do I program my Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote?

Where is The Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Learn Button&How To Resync With It?

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  • Where is the reset button on Harbor Breeze remote?

    Part guide or installation manual that came inside your ceiling fan box.

  • Outside of the box.
  • On the fan itself. Location depends on the type of fan: For Downrod-mount fans- ID sticker located on top of the motor housing (facing the ceiling of an installed fan).
  • How to program your remote control?

    Ensure that your TV is powered-on. Show TV with remote pointed at it.

  • Simultaneously press and hold MENU and OK keys on remote until the INPUT key blinks twice. Show remote with MENU and OK keys highlighted
  • Find your TV brand in the chart below and note the digit that relates to your TV brand.
  • Release the digit key when the TV turns off.