5′ 2″Shoma Uno / Height

How tall is skater Shoma Uno?

5′ 2″Shoma Uno / Height

How tall is Yuzuru?

5′ 8″Yuzuru Hanyu / Height

How tall is Nathan Chen?

5′ 6″Nathan Chen / Height

How tall is Vincent Zhou?

5′ 9″Vincent Zhou / Height

How tall is Javier Fernandez?

5′ 8″Javier Fernández / Height

How tall is Daniel Grassl?

5′ 9″Daniel Grassl / Height

How tall is Jason Brown?

5′ 8″Jason Brown / Height

How tall is Alysa Liu?

5′ 2″Alysa Liu / Height

How tall is the pairs skater from Spain?

6 ft 41⁄2 in
With his skating partner, Laura Barquero, he is the 2021 CS Nebelhorn Trophy silver medalist, and the 2021 Spanish national champion….

Marco Zandron
Personal information
Residence Bergamo, Italy
Height 1.94 m (6 ft 41⁄2 in)
Partner Laura Barquero

How old is Yuzuru Hanyu?

27 years (December 7, 1994)Yuzuru Hanyu / Age

How old is Uno Shoma?

Uno Shoma, born on 17 December 1997, is a three-time Olympic figure skating medallist from Japan. He won individual silver at PyeongChang 2018, as well as bronze in both the team and individual events at Beijing 2022 (as of 2 March 2022, the team event results are provisional).

How tall is Uno Shoma from Love Island?

His zodiac sign is Leo. Shoma has a fair complexion. Uno stands at the height of 5 ft 2 in. His weight and other bodily measurements are unknown. We’ll add more information on him when we learn more about him.

How old is Shova Shoma?

Shoma was born on December 17, 1997, in Nagoya, Japan. He is 24 years old in 2022. During the 2009-2010 season, he won a bronze medal in the Japan Junior Championships. He finished his studies in his hometown. Shova completes his collegiate education at Mizuno Corporation.

What is Shoma Uno’s zodiac sign?

According to Astrologers, Shoma Uno’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Shoma Uno was born December 17, 1997, in Nagoya, Japan. He has a younger brother named Itsuki Uno. Since 2019, he has been sponsored by Mizuno. He has a younger brother. Shoma Uno (宇野 昌磨 , Uno Shōma, born 17 December 1997) is a Japanese figure skater.