Does SkyDoesMinecraft have a kid?

How old is YourPalRoss?

age 25
Ross Botsford (born: July 15, 1996 (1996-07-15) [age 25]), better known online as YourPalRoss (formerly known as House_Owner) is an American gaming YouTuber. He joined YouTube in March 18, 2012.

Does SkyDoesMinecraft have a kid?

Mason DahlbergAdam Dahlberg / Children

Why team crafted break up?

Kermit left the team to go solo with his career, stating that he didn’t want everyone to think he got his subscribers and fame from Team Crafted. Dawn, who was engaged to Sky at the time, broke up with him and left the team.

Is SSundee married?

In 2006, Ian married Madelyn Joi. The pair had their first son named Colton. Later on Ian and Madelyn got divorced. In 2014, Ian remarried Madelyn.

What is ThatGuyBarney real name?

John Yazici
John Yazici (born: June 23, 1995 (1995-06-23) [age 26]), better known online as ThatGuyBarney or simply Barney, is a Turkish-American gaming YouTuber. In the early videos of SkyvsGaming channel Sky Does Minecraft, RedVacktor, and JinBop called him “John”.

How old is Ssundee?

Ssundee was born on 2 December 1988. Ssundee is 33 years old.

Did SkyDoesMinecraft win custody?

After winning custody over their son, Adam revealed in a response diss track that they tricked KSI into making a diss track knowing that he will bring Adam’s ex-wife Alesa to slander them to get their son Mason back. Adam later confirmed that they now have a new girlfriend named Felicia.

Is SSundee still in team crafted?

He stated that the true reason he was removed from the team was because they wanted to veer away from Minecraft to explore other things.

How old is ssundee?

[age 33] ), better known online as SSundee, is an American YouTube gamer. He currently has more than seventeen million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Ian was born in Michigan on December 2, 1987 and he has African and Irish ancestry.

Who is Sam Gladiator?

Samuel Gladiator (more commonly known as Sam around his friends) is a multi-job high school student, that enjoys the company of his family.

Who is samgladiator?

Here we can discuss topics about our Golden Gord, SamGladiator! He is famous for his minecraft roleplays and this wikia has already been noticed by his crew! Keep this up and We can get him up to 1,000,000 Subs in no time! Click here to visit Sam’s character page.

What happened to ssundee on YouTube?

On January 3, 2018, SSundee released a video explaining his absence and he would take a break from YouTube due to personal issues. On April 18, 2018, SSundee posted his first gameplay video since December 26, 2017. He is tone-deaf. He was in the Air Force for 6 years.