How much is a 1969 GTO Judge Worth?


Vehicle: 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge
Original List Price: $3,313
SCM Valuation: $67,100
Tune Up Cost: $390
Distributor Caps: $28

How much does a 69 GTO go for?

Vehicle Valuation Analysis

Bodystyles Median Sale
Convertible $45,575
Hardtop $26,400
‘Judge’ Convertible $121,000
‘Judge’ Hardtop $57,200

Is a 69 GTO Judge rare?

It is one of the rarest 1969 Judges in the world. For 1969, the real beast GTO engine option came in the form of a Ram Air IV, which was rated at 370 horsepower. A very significant option package made its debut on the 1969 GTO….Detailing.

Vehicle: 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge Ram Air IV convertible
Tune Up Cost: $150

How many 1969 GTO judges are left?

5 The Rarest Pontiac GTO Judge Was A Convertible But even so, some convertibles were made. In 1969, only 108 Pontiac GTO Judge left the assembly lines minus a roof, as convertibles. And these are some very rare and extremely expensive beasts today.

What motor did the 69 GTO Judge have?

Ram Air III 400-
The standard engine option in a Judge for 1969 was a 366-hp, Ram Air III 400-cu-in engine. If that wasn’t butch enough, an optional Ram Air IV 400 engine could be selected.

What makes a GTO a judge?

The Judge was a slightly re-styled version of the 1968 model but excessively decorated with racing stripes, a spoiler, blacked-out grille and “The Judge” fender decals. Pontiac originally aimed to make “The Judge” a more affordable GTO model to compete with the Plymouth Roadrunner, another wildly successful muscle car.

What engine is in a 69 GTO Judge?