How much does it cost to join Port Royal Club Naples?


Full Rate– 1 Year Membership $3,500
Family Rate (Husband, Wife, 2 Children under 18) $5,250
Senior (60+) Member as of March 2015 (Grandfathered) $1,500
Senior (60+) $1,750

Is Port Royal Naples gated?

Port Royal in Naples, Florida is one of the most exclusive luxury home communities in the world. There are approximately 497 homes in the community of Port Royal. Although Port Royal is not gated, security cameras and security guards monitor the community 24-hours a day.

Who discovered Naples FL?

NAPLES HISTORY. Naples history, at least in the modern era, began when Naples Florida was founded during the late 1880s by General John Stuart Williams and Walter N. Haldeman. Williams was a former Confederate general known as John “Cerro Gordo” Williams for his exploits in the Mexican War.

Who lives in Naples Florida?

Famous Musicians in Naples Florida

  • Alex Lifeson. Alex Lifeson is the lead guitarist for the progressive rock band known as Rush.
  • Bob Seger. Another rocker who calls Naples home is Bob Seger.
  • Donna Summer.
  • Fuzzy Zoeller.
  • John Kruk.
  • Rocco Mediate.
  • Larry Bird.
  • Charlie Babb.

How much does it cost to play Port Royal in Bermuda?


Regular Rate $180
Local Senior $90
Guest Of Member $125
Sunset $110
Non Golfing (Riders Only) $25

Who is the richest person in Naples FL?

Serial entrepreneur David Hoffmann has achieved billionaire status. He’s made it on Forbes’s list of the world’s richest people in the world. The Naples resident debuts at No. 2,190 this year.

What famous people live in Port Royal Naples?

Port Royal Famous Residents reputedly include Bob Seagar owns two homes, one in Seagate and another luxury home on the beach. Larry Bird has had a home in Park Shore for many years. Robin Cook the writer also has a home in Park Shore.

How much does golf cost in Bermuda?

The green fees for a round of golf (18-hole) for a visitor costs $275, additional charges includes caddie fee and rentals (including cart). They also expect you to complete a four-ball round within 4 hours and 10 minutes.

How many golf courses are there in Bermuda?

Bermuda has eight golf courses in total, the highest concentration of courses in the world for a country of its size. Many of Bermuda’s golf courses are award-winning and the island has even hosted the PGA Grand Slam of Golf twice.