A marble dining table can have a varying cost due to its marble type, grade and color. Other materials like leather, wood, glass and metals can also bump up the price. Typically the price of marble dining table starts from $200 to $4,000.

How much does a real marble table cost?

A marble dining table can have a varying cost due to its marble type, grade and color. Other materials like leather, wood, glass and metals can also bump up the price. Typically the price of marble dining table starts from $200 to $4,000.

Are marble tables worth anything?

While they aren’t as common, marble-topped dining tables are lovely and valuable too. Depending on size and condition, you can find examples for around $1,000, such as this Victorian hexagonal marble dining table, which sold on eBay in 2018. However, they often sell for several thousand dollars.

Do marble tables stain easily?

Marble is a beautiful surface for counters and tabletops. But because it is quite soft and porous, marble can easily be stained, scratched, and chipped. To help prevent staining, marble surfaces are often coated with protective sealers.

Do marble tables scratch?

Marble tends to get scratched and discolored due to inappropriate use. Spilled juice or using unsuitable cleaning products can damage its surface. You can avoid scratches or discolorations if you take appropriate precautions and use suitable cleaning products available at professional stores.

Does marble scratch easily?

Etching makes marble dull and vulnerable to scratches. Why does marble scratch so easily? It is much softer than other durable stones like granite. Even grazing marble with a belt buckle or long metal necklace can scratch it.

What’s better marble or granite?

In general, granite is very durable, stain-resistant and lower maintenance than marble.

How do you care for a marble table top?

To keep your marble tabletop clean, dust it with a soft, dry cloth every week. Should you need to wet the surface to remove more stubborn blemishes, like fingerprints, use only water – and try to make it distilled or purified water.

Is Dawn dish soap safe for marble?

A small amount of mild dish soap, like Dawn, mixed with water is a safe way to clean marble. Just make sure you don’t use dish soap that is abrasive or contains acidic ingredients like lemon juice.

Does water stain marble?

Water stains are yet another common stain that occurs on marble. These stains can be the result of a water glass that was left on a marble countertop for too long, or from hard water buildup around sinks and showers.

Can I use Windex on marble?

Avoid acidic & citrus cleaners. Any cleaner with pH above 10 etches marble which is why bleach (pH 12) and ammonia (pH 11) are not for cleaning marble. Also bad are nearly all name-brand cleaners like Windex, 409, Tilex, Lime Away, Kaboom, CLR, and Lysol.

Does marble break easily?

One flat side of the marble tile must be polished while the other should be free of any wire-mesh. The presence of wire-mesh indicates that the marble tile is soft and easy-to-break.

Is marble cheaper than granite?

Granite is less expensive than marble, starting at roughly $75/square foot installed and $100 more than that for higher-end stone. Installed marble countertops start at around $100/square foot and can go over $200.

What are the dimensions of a marble dining table?

Dimensions: 28.35HX42.125WX42.125D This beautiful marble dining table is inspired by furniture designs from the 50’s. This modern table has a solid marble top and white glossed tulip pedestal base, the perfect piece Read More.

What kind of marble is in a Turner table?

The remarkable Turner Dining Table is crafted from black faux marble and features characteristic white swirls and veins. This Round Marble Dining Table from Eichholtz gives a modern twist to a classic interior favor Read More.

Why marble dining table?

The marble dining collection offers an elegant design to turn your dining area into the most eye-catching spot of your house. Each piece is supported by a strong wooden base in salvage dark oak, contrasting the flawless white marble tabletop and beige color upholstered chairs with Nailhead trim detail.

Where to find the best marble dining tables in 2022?

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