A full-sized kegerator can run you from on average about $700.00 with all full dispense kit. Browse our wide selection of kegerators here.

How much does a keg fridge cost?

A full-sized kegerator can run you from on average about $700.00 with all full dispense kit. Browse our wide selection of kegerators here.

What size fridge will fit a keg?

We recommend that you purchase at least a 3.2 cubic foot fridge, this fridge will fit one small keg. A kegerator that fits one full barrel of beer will need to be at least 4.4 cubic feet. Finally, if you are planning to build a two tap system out of a mini-fridge you will need at least a 5.5 cubic foot fridge.

Can you fit 2 kegs in a kegerator?

One thing worth noting here is that, due to the fact that one particular kegerator can fit multiple combinations of kegs. Because of these most kegerators don’t come equipped with beer towers/faucets and they have to be purchased separately.

Is buying a keg cheaper?

Is a keg cheaper than cans? Whether a keg is cheaper than cans depends on what brand of beer you purchase. The keg itself may be less expensive than buying individual cans–but you have to factor in the cost for cups.

Is a kegerator worth the money?

When you buy a kegerator for your home, you’re not only able to conveniently store large amounts of cold draft beer, but you can also save approximately 40-60% in costs, compared to buying the same volume of beer in cans or bottles.

Can I use a mini fridge as a kegerator?

You can actually make a kegerator out of a mini fridge without having to buy your own unit. For the most part, you end up paying 1.75x to 3.25x for a kegerator instead of just buying a mini fridge and a DIY kegerator converter kit.

Can I use a mini fridge with freezer for kegerator?

The Bottom Line. Finding a mini-fridge for a kegerator conversion is simple as long as you pay attention to a few things. You need a fridge that’s the right size and doesn’t cost too much. You’ll also probably want to avoid a freezer compartment unless you know you’ll use it for other things, like storing hops.

Should CO2 tank be inside kegerator?

5. Should my CO2 tank be inside or outside of the Kegerator? Although it doesn’t make a significant difference either way, most CO2 tanks are mounted outside of the refrigeration compartment. This allows for a better use of space inside the refrigerator to fit kegs.

How long does CO2 last in a kegerator?

A standard, 5-pound CO2 tank will last from 2-4 half barrel (full-size) kegs, largely depending on if it is kept cold. Since heat causes carbon dioxide to expand, keeping it in hotter temperatures will ultimately limit its usability. However, if kept cold, CO2 should last for up to four half barrel kegs.

How long does a tapped keg last in a kegerator?

If refrigerated within a kegerator that uses CO2, a keg will generally last at least 6-8 weeks before it starts to lose its fresh taste. If you store it at the appropriate temperatures, pasteurized beer will last you at least three months, sometimes as long as six months.

How long will a keg stay fresh?

For a properly stored keg in a kegerator, how long the beer will remain fresh will depend on the style of beer. Pasteurized beers can stay fresh from three to six months. For non-pasteurized beers, you can expect the keg to stay fresh approximately two months.

How to make a kegerator out of a mini fridge?

Serving tower (one or two faucet design)

  • Five-pound CO 2 tank
  • Regulator (for adjusting pressure)
  • Beer lines
  • Gas lines
  • At least one disconnect
  • Snake
  • How to convert a fridge to a kegerator?

    CO2 tank with regulator. This is the most important part of the set.

  • Adequate tubing
  • Shanks
  • Handles
  • Wrenches
  • Although the majority of these sets have everything for successful converting operation,we just have to say that additional shopping activity is needed sometimes.
  • What size mini fridge for kegerator?

    Danby Designer DAR044A4BDD-6 4.4 Cu.Ft. Mini Fridge.

  • BLACK+DECKER BCRK32V. Black+Decker is a well-known brand,and their mini-fridge option doesn’t disappoint.
  • NewAir Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator.
  • HOmeLabs Mini Fridge.
  • RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Mini Refrigerator.
  • Midea 3.1 Cu.
  • How much does a kegerator cost?

    Cost of Buying a Ready-Made Kegerator . But how much is a Kegerator? A new Kegerator will set you back at least $700, but some models cost more than $1,000. That may seem like a lot of cash to spend if saving money on beer is the goal, but let’s compare that to the cost of a weekly night out at the bar or brewpub.