Bale Processors

How much does a bale processor cost?

Bale Processors

Price Model ID
$26,900 Vermeer CPX 9000 Catapult Bale Processor 4194
$29,855 Fair 7830 TD Bale Processor 4222
Call 2018 Vermeer CPX 9000 Catapult Bale Processor 4279
$25,900 High Line CFR 650 Top Discharge Bale Processor 4284

What is a bale chopper used for?

Most bale processors function like a Swiss army knife in terms of versatility. Owners can process everything from hay to cornstalk bales, and round bales to square bales.

What is a bale chopper?

A powerful chopper / shredder for big bales The Agri-Chopper chops big bales of straw, cardboard or paper to make fluffy and spongy bedding. Thanks to its powerful blower, it can be used to spread bedding evenly up to 40′ (12 m) in free stall barns, hog barns and poultry barns.

What is a bedding chopper?

Consistently chops bedding material. Makes quick work of straw at less than 60 seconds per bale! Adjustable grate has six settings to control output and cutting length. Extra bale carrier folds up when not in use.

What is a tub grinder?

Tub grinders are primarily built to handle wood and green waste material. Bark, brush, logs, stumps, wood construction and demolition material, leaves, compost, etc. can be reduced or recycled into a salable product. (Lighter duty tub grinders may be used to grind feed stock.

Do bale processors save hay?

Why? Because it helps effectively eliminate most of the dust, mold and mildew that accumulates in a bale before the hay enters the digestive systems of your cows; and it reduces the amount of sorting, waste and manure that typically takes place around the feed ring.

How does a bale shredder work?

The Bale Shredder is a machine designed to revert Straw into its loose form. The Bale Shredder takes one bale of Straw, whether Square or Round, and shreds it up back into loose Straw. The machine can then be used to spread that Straw into the Cow Shed.

How does a straw chopper work?

The straw chopper is actually the discharge beater drum with stationary knife sections attached. The chopped material is propelled toward the rear (as with the beater) to a deflector, then is dropped onto the straw spreader.

What are straw blowers used for?

Straw blowers are used for more than just spreading straw over new grass seeds. Anytime straw is needed, a straw blower is capable of shredding and spreading it quickly and efficiently.