2008 United States presidential election

How many votes did Obama get against McCain?

2008 United States presidential election

Nominee Barack Obama John McCain
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Illinois Arizona
Running mate Joe Biden Sarah Palin
Electoral vote 365 173

How did Obama win Ohio in 2012?

President Obama won the popular vote in Ohio with 50.67% of the vote over Mitt Romney in second place at 47.69%, a Democratic victory margin of 2.98%.

Who did Barack Obama run against in 2012?

Barack Obama. The 2012 reelection campaign of Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, was formally announced on April 4, 2011. Along with his running mate, Vice President Joe Biden, Barack Obama was opposed in the general election by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, along with various minor candidates from other parties.

How much will Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign cost?

“GOP Has New 2012 Target: Obama’s $1 Billion Campaign”. Rollcall.com. Retrieved September 13, 2011. ^ Zeleny, Jeff (March 17, 2011). “$350,000 Goal Is Set For Re-election Donors”. The New York Times.

How many delegates did Obama need to win the 2012 election?

President Obama did not face a significant challenge in the Democratic primaries, with no other candidate on the ballot in all but seven states. On April 3, 2012, Obama won the Maryland and District of Columbia primaries, giving him more than the required 2,778 delegates to secure the nomination.

What was Obama’s 2012 poll lead over Mitt Romney?

In February 2012, Obama held a sizable lead over both Mitt Romney (53–43) and Rick Santorum (53–42) nationally. By the end of March 2012, Obama’s lead over Romney had narrowed to approximately 2.4% (46.6–44.2) nationally. An August 2012 CNN / ORC poll found that Obama led Romney 52% to 45%.