How many syllables can Eminem rap in a minute?

It only lasts for a duration of 31 seconds, and Eminem manages to pack in a staggering 224 words, equaling a total of 330 syllables. That works out to an average of 10.65 syllables per second, or 7.23 words per second. This content is imported from YouTube.

How many syllables per second can Eminem say?

10.65 syllables per second
Godzilla’s expletive-laced verse is comprised of a whopping 330 total syllables, meaning the world-renowned musician has beaten his own record and is able to rap 10.65 syllables per second, or 7.23 words per second, as reported by Genius.

What is Eminem’s most fastest song?

Eminem – Godzilla Eminem has form in the field of warp-speed rapping – his 2013 single Rap God found its way into the Guinness World Records for Most Words In A Song, while a guest verse on Nicki Minaj’s Majesty hit a dizzying 85 words in just 12 seconds.

Is Suga the fastest rapper in Korea?

Suga, or Min Yoon-gi, takes the stage at #4 with 9.83 syllables per second. Suga is a rapper for Big Hit Music’s BTS. He takes on the name “Agust D” for his solo hip-hop releases.

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