This is only a vague guide….Dr Martens Sizing Info.

How many eyelets do Dr Martens have?

This is only a vague guide….Dr Martens Sizing Info.

Pairs of eyelets Length required Comment!
18-20 240cm Very high boot (upper calf)

Do Doc Martens get more comfortable as you wear them?

After you break them in, your Docs will be the most comfortable boots you’ll ever wear. The hard leather will mould perfectly to the shape of your foot and you’ll be able to hike for miles and miles on those air-cushioned soles . . . but this breaking-in process can be slow and painful.

Is it better to size up or down in Doc Martens?

All sizes offered on the US site are in US sizing. We offer whole sizes only. If you are a half size, we recommend going down to the nearest size. Fit may vary based on style.

Should my Dr Martens be loose?

Martens be? Your boots should feel very snug out of the box, but not uncomfortable! Typically, you should have about a quarter of an inch (6mm) of length passed your toes. Boots will stretch and soften when worn in, but if they feel too tight when you try them on, they’re too small and you need to size up.

What do yellow laces in Doc Martens mean?

Yellow = Worn by SHARPs/anti-racist. Green = Neutral/non-racist. Black = Traditionalist skin, punk kid, neutral, or wearing the laces the boots were sold with.

Do docs come with extra laces?

Do you find this helpful? Mine didn’t come with extra laces either. They all have “Doc” stamp outer heal and the sole has it too. If you are a rider fake Doc’s will not last 2 weeks of riding unless they are very well made fakes.

Can you wear Doc Martens all day?

Doc Martens are comfortable for work as they are designed for comfort and endurance. Their super comfortable cushioned soles make them easy to wear all day.

Do Doc Marten platforms run big?

Martens boots and shoes run true to size (probably half a size down from your sneakers) and aren’t as big as you may imagine. The exception is the 1460s, Jadons, and Chelseas, which need to be sized down about a whole size from your sneaker.

Are Dr Martens supposed to be tight at first?

The boots should feel tight but not uncomfortable! If the boot feels uncomfortable when you try it on, especially in the width, then it is too small. Docs will soften and stretch as you wear them in!

What do purple laces mean?

gay pride
PURPLE LACES: These are a relatively new addition and usually stands for gay pride.

Are Dr Martens good quality boots?

This boot is Dr. Martens at its best. It’s tough enough to take a beating, yet stylish enough to be versatile. The durable sole has unique air-cushioning that’s bound to please the most discerning foot. Of course, the iconic yellow stitching is always a bonus, and the tall shaft makes a bold statement.

How did Dr Martens get their name?

On the first of April 1960, the first cherry red eight-eyelet work boot was produced and named 1460 (1/4/60). To sell the brand name better in England, the name was anglicized to Dr. Martens. The range was branded AirWair and the rest is history. Brief content visible, double tap to read full content.

When did Dr Maertens start making shoes?

By 1959 the two founders decided that they needed a company to produce and distribute the shoes, then called Dr. Maertens, in other parts of the world. At first, many manufacturers rejected the concept of an air cushioned sole as a short-lived gimmick.