Where is the 9th District in Vienna?

How many districts are in Vienna?

23 municipal
The Vienna districts. Vienna contains 23 municipal districts, each with its own individual character and flavor. The first digit identifies the Austrian province or region with a 1 indicating Vienna (the city also happens to double as a province).

Where is the 9th District in Vienna?

Alsergrund (German pronunciation: [ˈalzɐˌɡrʊnt] ( listen); Central Bavarian: Oisagrund) is the ninth district of Vienna, Austria (German: 9. Bezirk, Alsergrund). It is located just north of the first, central district, Innere Stadt. Alsergrund was incorporated in 1862, with seven suburbs.

What district is Vienna University?

Wieden is a small district south of the city centre, and includes the Vienna University of Technology.

What is core zone of Vienna?

The core zone of Vienna comprises all lines within Vienna (train, Badner Bahn, bus, tram, underground and most regional bus lines). It does not include airport buses, the Westbahn train and the City Airport Train (CAT).

How many districts are in Austria?

Austria’s 94 current districts.

Which district is stephansplatz?

Innere Stadt district
Stephansplatz is an important destination and interchange station in the Vienna U-Bahn system. It is located under the Stephansplatz and is served by lines U1 and U3. It is located in the Innere Stadt district. Stephansplatz station opened on 18 November 1978.

How is Vienna divided?

Being an entirely logical folk, the Viennese have imaginatively divided their districts by number – The 1st district, 2nd district, 3rd district…and so on. The geographical location of each district fans out in a crooked snail-shell from central Vienna into the suburbs.

Where should I live in Vienna?

Best neighborhoods to live in Vienna for families, expats, students, and more

  • Landstraße. Laidback district in the heart of the city, perfect for families working in the city.
  • Mariahilf.
  • Meidling.
  • Währing.
  • Liesing.
  • Wieden.
  • Margareten.
  • Neubau.

Where is the University of Vienna?

Vienna, Austria
The University of Vienna (German: Universität Wien) is a public research university located in Vienna, Austria. It was founded by Duke Rudolph IV in 1365 and is the oldest university in the German-speaking world.

Does Vienna have an underground?

Vienna has a well-developed public transport network. Buses, trains, trams and underground lines will take you almost anywhere in the city in no time at all. Vienna public transport Wiener Linien operates five underground lines, 29 tram and 127 bus lines, of which 24 are night lines.

What county is Vienna Austria in?


State (Bundesland) Capital Coalition
Styria Graz ÖVP, SPÖ
Tyrol Innsbruck ÖVP, Grüne
Upper Austria Linz ÖVP, FPÖ, SPÖ, Grüne
Vienna Itself SPÖ, NEOS

What does zone 100 Wien mean?

Re: zone 100 wien City of Vienna = Zone #100 (=core zone of the Greater Vienna transportation system) 4. Re: zone 100 wien This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity.

How many zones are there in Vienna?

The city of Vienna accounts for one full zone or core zone ( Kernzone or ” Zone 100 “). A single ticket is valid for travelling one way in one zone. You may change to different lines in the course, but you may not interrupt your journey.

What do the numbers mean on a Vienna address?

So although all Vienna addresses have the 1, some nearby locations in the surrounding province of Lower Austria may share the same first digit as those in the capital. The second and third digits identify the relevant city district (German: Bezirk) in Vienna. In our example, 07 is – surprise! – the 7th district.

Is Schoenbrunn in zone 100?

Re: zone 100 wien Your wienerlinien ticket is good for public transport for the entire city of Vienna – after city limit an added ticket needed. Schonbrunn is within the city so your regular ticket applies . 2. Re: zone 100 wien Yes, Schoenbrunn is within zone 100, which includes all of Vienna, as vertical said! 3. Re: zone 100 wien