The story has been made into the 1962 feature film of the same name, three radio drama series (in 1957, 1968 and 2001) and two TV series (in 1981 and 2009).

How many Day of the Triffids movies are there?

The story has been made into the 1962 feature film of the same name, three radio drama series (in 1957, 1968 and 2001) and two TV series (in 1981 and 2009).

Where can I watch Day of the Triffids series?

The Day of the Triffids, a miniseries series starring John Duttine, Emma Relph, and Maurice Colbourne is available to stream now. Watch it on Plex – Free Movies & TV or Pluto TV – It’s Free TV on your Roku device.

What defeated the Triffids?

In a last ditch effort, Tom sprays the Triffids with a salt-water fire hose, and the Triffids begin dissolving into a cloud of green smoke. Tom realizes that sea water was the answer they have been looking for all along, and uses the hose to kill the rest of the Triffids in the lighthouse.

What plant looks like a Triffid?

An “invasive alien plant with Triffid-like growth” is about to take over parts of the Thames, a professor says. The Floating Pennywort, which can grow up to 20cm a day, is in the river downstream of Reading.

What was the disease in Day of the triffids?

The Plague Within about a week of the comet, a mysterious plague hit towns and cities across the world. The symptoms were a high temperature and agonising pains in the bowels which causes people to double over in pain. It was extremely contagious and death tended to follow within a day or so.

Why do people go blind in Day of the triffids?

In John Wyndham’s classic apocalyptic novel The Day of the Triffids, events are put into motion by a double catastrophe: the mass blindness of nearly everyone on Earth, apparently caused by a meteor shower, coincides with the appearance of carnivorous plants which can kill people and which proceed, in the near absence …

Are Triffids edible?

Other uses of the name. Chromolaena odorata is known as a “triffid” throughout the Durban area of South Africa. It poses no threat to humans unless ingested, as it is carcinogenic.

Where did the triffids come from?

Triffids first appeared in the book Day of the Triffids by the English sci-fi author John Wyndham. In the book they were not extraterrestrial as depicted in the 1962 movie, but were supposedly bioengineered in the Soviet Union.

Are triffids aliens?

What was the meteor shower in Day of the triffids?

Green meteors were also being seen over the Pacific. It struck the UK in the evening of the 7th although occasional flashes were seen during the day. The event consisted of varying green flashes, some of which were so bright as to light up the landscape like lightning.

Are triffids real?

The triffid is a fictional tall, mobile, carnivorous plant species, created by John Wyndham in his 1951 novel The Day of the Triffids, which has since been adapted for film and television. The word “triffid” has become a common reference in British English to describe large, invasive or menacing-looking plants.

Can triffids move?

The Triffids have long stings and presumably communicate through tapping of stems on their bodies. They can also move, albeit at a slow speed, and are carnivorous. As they are thought to have some intelligence, they usually attack the eyes and are good at quietly sneaking around or stalking their prey.