Laurentian Bank of Canada

How many branches does Laurentian Bank have?

128 branches
Its network encompasses 128 branches (mostly in Québec) and more than 2,000 employees.

Who owns Laurentian Bank of Canada?

Laurentian Bank of Canada

Formerly Montreal City and District Savings Bank
Founder Ignace Bourget
Headquarters Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Area served Canada
Key people Rania Llewellyn (President & CEO)

Is Laurentian Bank being sold?

The transaction is expected to be completed November 1, pending regulatory approvals. The president and CEO of Laurentian Bank, Henri-Paul Rousseau, said the transaction is a strategic one because it allows the bank to become a Quebec leader in services to retail customers.

How many digits is a Laurentian Bank account number?

The account number – seven to twelve digits – identifies your individual account.

Is Laurentian Bank A Chartered Bank?

The Laurentian Bank (previously Montreal City and District Savings Bank) commenced operations as a chartered bank on 28 September 1987.

Who is the CEO of Laurentian Bank?

Rania Llewellyn
Rania Llewellyn, President and CEO of Laurentian Bank to.

Is Laurentian Bank of Canada safe?

Laurentian Bank adheres to the principles adopted by the Canadian Bankers Association with respect to the protection of personal information. In addition, it uses the most secure encryption techniques presently available to ensure the confidential nature of the information it exchanges with you.

Is Laurentian Bank a good investment?

Is Laurentian Bank a good investment or a top pick? Laurentian Bank was recommended as a Top Pick by on . Read the latest stock experts ratings for Laurentian Bank.

How many employees does Laurentian Bank have?

3,600 people
Laurentian Bank serves one and half million throughout the country and employs more than 3,600 people, whose talent and devotion make the Bank a solid player in several market segments.

What is the bank code for Laurentian bank?

The Laurentian Bank’s institution number (039);

What is the institution number for Laurentian bank?

The Laurentian Bank’s institution number is “039”.

Is B2B Bank the same as Laurentian Bank?

B2B Bank works with your financial professional to offer you financial products to meet your individual needs, while Laurentian Bank offers products and services directly to clients. Both B2B Bank and Laurentian Bank of Canada are part of the Laurentian Bank Financial Group.