How many amps are in a HP?


HP 1 Phase Amps
115 volt 230 volt
1/2 9.8 4.9
3/4 13.8 6.9
1 16 8

How do you convert amps to horsepower?

How to Convert Horsepower to Amps

  1. Amps = (Horsepower × 746) ÷ Efficiency ÷ Volts.
  2. Watts = Horsepower × 746.
  3. Watts = Watts η
  4. Amps = Watts ÷ Volts.
  5. Amps = HP × 746 V × η × PF.

How many HP is 15 amps?

2.41 hp
At 100% efficiency, the most a 15-amp, 120v outlet in a home circuit can supply is 15 x 120 or 1800w; 1800 divided by 746 equals 2.41 hp.

How do you calculate electric motor HP?

The quickest method to closely estimate motor horsepower is to use a digital clamp meter to measure current and voltage to the motor, and then perform a simple calculation. Use this formula to estimate motor horsepower. Horsepower(hp)= Voltage x Amperage x % EFF x power factor x 1.73/746.

How many amps does a 40 hp motor draw?

AC Motor Full Load Amperes

HP 200 Volts 440-480 Volts
25 78.2 34
30 92 40
40 120 52
50 150 65

How many amps does a 5 hp motor use?

Example: A 5 HP motor at 230V, 3PH is12. 4 amps.

How many amps does a 1.5 hp motor?

For example a 1.5 HP Baldor motor turning 3450 rpm draws 13.4 amps on 120 volt service.

How do you calculate amps from volts and HP?

The conversion from amps, a measure of electric current, to horsepower, a measure of power output by a motor, can be done using a fairly simple formula. Thus, horsepower is equal to the current in amps times the voltage in volts times the efficiency times the power factor, divided by 746.

How do I convert amps to watts?

Converting amps to watts can be done using the power formula, which states that I = P ÷ E, where P is power measured in watts, I is current measured in amps, and E is voltage measured in volts. Thus, the power P in watts is equal to the current I in amps multiplied by the voltage V in volts.

How many amps does a 30 hp motor use?

Full-Load Amps: Three-Phase Alternating-Current Motors

Induction-Type Squirrel Cage and Wound Rotor (Amperes)
HP 115 Volts 208 Volts
30 88
40 114
50 143

How many amps does a 30 hp motor draw?

How many amps is a 7.5 hp motor?

Here are the Full Load Amp (FLA) values for typical 230VAC and 480VAC 3 phase motors.

Motor horsepower Full load amps 230VAC Full load amps 460VAC
3 9 4.5
5 15 7.5
7.5 22 11
10 27 14

What is hp to amps formula?

Hp to Amps calculation formula, DC, AC, 3 phase, 2 phase, 1 phase: IDC=Direct current. IAC1Ø=Current/Ampere 1 phase. IAC2Ø=Current/Ampere 2 phase. IAC3Ø=Current/Ampere 3 phase. H.P=Horsepower. VDC=Voltage direct current. VL-N=Voltage line to neutral. VL-L=Voltage line to line. Ef=Efficiency. P.F=Power factor.

How to convert hp to amp AC 3 phases?

How to convert Hp to Amp AC 3 phases in only 3 step: Step 1: Multiply Hp (Horsepower) by 746. Example, if you have 100 hp multiply by 746 and you get 74600. (100Hpx746 = 74600).

What is the formula to convert AC to hp?

AC Single Phase Amps to HP conversion Formula For AC single phase power P (HP) is equal to 0.00134 times of voltage V (V) in volts, Current I (A) in amps and power factor. Single phase power P (HP) = 0.00134 x V (V) x I (A) x pf Learn More: NERC Electricity Bill Calculator & Rate Per Unit Nagaland 2020-21

How many amps does a single phase motor take?

What would be the Hp rating of the motor which has rated input AC voltage of 230V and rated current of 3.8 Amps with 0.86 pf. The Single phase motor capacity is 1 HP. By revising this calculation, 1 HP single phase motor takes 3.8 Amps.