The Battery LED button will light up orange, then blue and then white whilst charging and go out when fully charged. Typically charging will take 4-5 hours.

How long does it take for a vision spinner to charge?

The Battery LED button will light up orange, then blue and then white whilst charging and go out when fully charged. Typically charging will take 4-5 hours.

How do I know when my vision spinner 2 is fully charged?

When charging your Vision Spinner II, the V will light up orange, and the light on your charge cable will turn red. After some time has passed, the V will turn to blue, then it will turn to white. When the V is white and the red light on your charger turns green, the battery is fully charged!

How long does vision spinner battery last?

Rechargeable Battery The Vision 2 Spinner charging at full battery life, should last 14-16 hours of full flavor vaping. It’s highest usage levels yield well over 10 hours of battery life, a significant advantage over most competing models.

How do I turn on my vision spinner 2 battery?

As with most batteries in the vaporizer world, the Vision Spinner is turned on and off by pressing the power button 5 times consecutively and rapidly. If done correctly, the power button should blink its lights a few times.

Can I charge my vape with a phone charger?

It’s always best to use the same cable that came with your device to charge your vape. Most phone chargers are fine, however some phone chargers where the cable cannot be removed from the charger are designed specifically for the product they came with.

Can you overcharge a vape battery?

Overcharging will damage your battery. So make sure you check it regularly when charging and never charge it overnight. Do not exceed the amps of your battery.

What does it mean when my vape pen blinks 10 times?

Dying battery: Most often, the vape pen will blink ten times when the battery is too low for proper vaping. To fix the issue, recharge the battery. Low voltage: If the battery is charged but the pen is still blinking, it could be due to a low voltage.

How long should I let my vape charge?

Some vape pens only require thirty minutes of charging to reach full power capacity. Others can take up to four hours to reach their charge capacity. An easy rule of thumb to go by is the larger the battery, the longer the charge time. RELX devices will include their charging cable in the package..

How do I charge my Cartisan battery?

The Cartisan spinner dab pen has an ego Spinner 650mAh battery that powers it, and you can easily charge it by unscrewing its thread atomizer and attaching its 510 thread USB charger. Once you plug the Cartisan charger into an electrical outlet or a computer’s USB port, you’re ready to go.

How do I use the vision spinner 2 battery?

We recommend it for use with the Aspire Bottom Dual Coil Clearomiser or Aspire Nautilus Mini, depends on you preferences. To lock or unlock the Vision Spinner 2 battery, press the button 5 times within 1.5 seconds. The LED light will flash to confirm each action.

How long should I charge my vision spinner?

Like other e-cigarette batteries, you should always give your Vision Spinner an initial charge of at least 4 hours, even if it appears fully charged or is already holding some charge. This conditions the battery and ensures a longer battery life overall.

How to vape with a vision spinner?

Begin Vaping. Hold up the mouthpiece of your atomizer to your mouth and hold down on the power button on the Vision Spinner 2. From this point on, you should be able to pull from your Spinner and everything should come naturally.

What is the difference between vision spinner [ variable voltage ] and VV?

Loading… Vision Spinner [ Variable Voltage ] 1300mAh vape pen battery allows you to change output voltage from 3.3V to 4.8V, Vision Spinner VV [ Variable Voltage ] 1300mAh battery will change your cloud from small to really big.