It is highly recommended you set up a Safe Zone. Setting up a Safe Zone will increase your battery life. Without setting up a Safe Zone, your Pet Tracker will last less than one day.

How long does a pet tracker last?

It is highly recommended you set up a Safe Zone. Setting up a Safe Zone will increase your battery life. Without setting up a Safe Zone, your Pet Tracker will last less than one day.

What is the range on a pet GPS tracker?

Tile Bluetooth Tracker vs Tractive GPS Tracker Comparison

Tile Bluetooth Tracker
Range 200 feet
Battery Up to 1 year battery life, replaceable
Water Durability Water-resistant
Dimensions 35mm x 35mm x 6.2mm

How does pet e Tracker work?

Pet trackers use one of three main types of technology: radio, cellular, or GPS. Radio-enable pet trackers use radio frequencies to locate your pet. A transmitter on the pet’s collar sends a signal to your transmitter that tells you the direction and distance of your pet.

Why is my tractive not working?

If you have our latest Dog or Cat tracker model, reset the tracker by holding the power button down for 10 seconds. Please then release the power button. A successful reset is indicated by a flashing light and beeping sound. If you have any other tracker, reset it by holding the power button down for 30 seconds.

How can I make my battery last longer?

Enable Battery Saving Mode. If you have our latest tracker model (the Tractive GPS DOG 4 / GPS DOG LTE), you can set up a Power Saving Zone and enjoy a longer battery life. Enable Bluetooth and GPS / location services on your smartphone when you’re indoors/nearby your pet. Make sure to keep your tracker up to date.

How long does GPS tag battery last?

With the tracker working constantly in live tracking mode, you can expect the battery to last approximately 40 days. The battery will typically last up to 6 months when operated in shock or tamper mode where the tracker will just alert you if vibration or movement is detected.

Can I track my dog with my phone?

With the Dog Monitor app, you can easily turn any two iOS or Android devices into a full-featured dog (or cat) monitor in a matter of seconds. Check on your dog while you’re at work – know when they’re barking, talk to your dog remotely, and see live video. No registration or connection adjustments required.

Can the microchip in my dog be tracked?

No, you cannot track your dog through its microchip. A dog microchip is a tiny Near Field Communication (NFC) technology transponder inserted under a dog’s skin to give a permanent ID. Microchips can’t provide real-time tracking as a radio frequency identification device; they are ideal for pet identification.

What is the best GPS tracker for pets?

Cube Real-Time GPS Dog&Cat Tracker – Best Overall.

  • Tractive Dog&Cat GPS Tracker – Best Value. The Tractive Dog&Cat GPS Tracker is budget-friendly and will offer you the best value for your money.
  • Whistle Go Explore-Ultimate Health and Location Tracker for Pets – Premium Choice.
  • Chipolo ONE Bluetooth Dog,Cat&Horse Tag – Best for Kittens.
  • What is the best tracking device for pets?

    Pay Attention to the Size. The size of the GPS tracker determines the comfort level of your pup.

  • Avoid Useless Features. Avoid GPS trackers with features that you don’t need.
  • Waterproofing. While most GPS dog trackers come with complete waterproof features,others don’t.
  • Activity Tracking.
  • Setting Up Safe Zone.
  • Pet-Friendliness.
  • Price.
  • Battery Life.
  • What are the best dog tracking devices?

    GPS Pet Trackers. These tracking devices depend on the satellite above the earth and provide better accuracy to detect the exact position of the device.

  • Radio Pet Trackers.
  • Bluetooth Pet Trackers.
  • Activity Pet Trackers.
  • Subscription Free Pet Tracker.
  • What is the best dog tracking collar?

    Whistle Go Explore. This pet tracker uses Wifi,GPS,cellular technology,and google maps to accurately locate your dog up to 3,000 miles away!

  • PetFon GPS Pet Tracker.
  • FI Smart Dog Collar.
  • LINK AKC Smart Collar.
  • Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker.
  • SportDOG GPS Tracking System.
  • Findster Duo GPS Tracker.
  • FitBark GPS Dog Tracker.
  • Last thoughts.