How do you take AHIP through Humana?


  1. After you’re approved to contract with Humana, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to certify within Humana MarketPoint University.
  2. First, choose whether you want to complete your training through AHIP or NAHU.
  3. Next, you’ll complete the Humana-specific part of certification.
  4. And then you’re done!

Is Humana a Medicare contractor?

With over three decades’ worth of experience providing value-based care services, Humana will be participating as a standard direct contracting entity. “Humana Care Solutions will take on quality and cost accountability for the care of aligned Original Medicare beneficiaries,” the press release explained.

What is Humana Vantage?

Humana Vantage is a powerful agent portal that puts all of your tools in one place. It provides access to items such as: Quote and enroll systems. Doctor and pharmacy lookup tool.

How do I transfer my AHIP certification?

To transfer an AHIP score you must be enrolled in a Humana Certification or Recertification course located on Humana MarketPoint University. You can access Humana MarketPoint University from the Humana Vantage Agent Portal.

How do I get Humana credentials?

Facilities and organizational providers that are already contracted with Humana but need to be credentialed should download our organizational provider credentialing, PDF opens new window application and return it by fax to 1-502-508-0521 or by email to [email protected].

How long does it take to get credentialed with Humana?

45 to 60 days
Once Humana receives the application packet, they will start the credentialing process. The entire process will take 45 to 60 days to complete.

Does Humana accept consultation codes?

Medicare no longer accepts 99241-99255, but other payers may….Table 1: Payer Reimbursement—Summary.

Payer Status Effective
Humana Medicare (MCHMO and MCPPO) Does NOT Accept Consultation Codes 01/01/10

How do I get a Humana release?

Release letters must be sent to Humana’s Agent Support at [email protected]. If the immediate release is accepted it will be processed within 5 business days. Humana will notify the agent via email when the release has been processed..

How long is AHIP certification good for?

How long does my AHIP certification last? You must re-certify with AHIP each year. You can recertify via a carrier link for the discounted $125 rate as long as you are an agent in good standing.

What is the Humana Agent certification and re-certification program?

Humana Agent Certification and Re-certification Launch Page Important: The initial Humana Certification and Re-certification courses will certify insurance agents to sell both MAPD and PDP products. Agents must successfully complete the entirety of the training requirements to be certified in all Humana Medicare Advantage and PDP products.

How long do you have to be a broker to sell Humana?

Brokers will have until November 30, 2021 to complete certification or recertification. Starting with the 2022 plan year, Humana is allowing participating brokers to choose between AHIP or NAHU Medicare training programs to become certified to sell Humana.

How do I become certified to sell Humana Medicare Advantage plans?

Before you can sell Humana’s Medicare Advantage and PDP plans, you need to pass two training courses: one focused on the basics of Medicare, and the other focused on Humana’s products. When? Basically, there’s no deadline for your initial certification.

Which certification testing program should I choose for my Humana plan?

Agents who sell Humana plans can choose the certification testing program they prefer. You asked for additional training options. We heard you. For plan year 2022, Agents will be able to choose between AHIP or NAHU to complete their annual CMS training requirement.