How to keep young people safe during educational trips and tours

How do you stay safe in school trips?

How to keep young people safe during educational trips and tours

  1. General health and safety tips.
  2. Make sure students know what’s expected of them.
  3. Have a plan in place for emergencies.
  4. Prepare supervisors properly.
  5. Let older students show their maturity.

Why it is important to manage the waste generated during field visit?

It is important to manage wastes during field visit because; Managing the environment keeps away microorganisms which may cause diseases. Managing environment may also support the growth of other plants since they are also not affected by the wastes.

What precautions should be taken during field visit?

There are some precautions listed below which we should take as the precautions of any field trip;

  • always carry proper medical kit.
  • always put on proper health mask if you are visiting a polluted place.
  • always follow the instructions given by your teacher.

How will you manage the litter during the field visit?


  • Do not take plastic bags and other similar things at first.
  • Instead of using plastic bags, utilize baskets, cloth bags, and other similar products.
  • Instead of bringing manufactured food, eat and drink natural food.
  • Collect all waste material at the end of the trip and put them into a nearby dustbin.

Which of the following is related to a field visit to a manufacturing unit?

The study of source of raw materials is related to field visits to the manufacturing unit. Explanation: Manufacturing is manufacturing products for sale using labor and machinery, tools, chemical or biological processing or formulating, and is the nature of secondary industry.

Why students should not go on field trips?

Organization. Many schools prohibit certain field trips due to costs, safety issues or lack of chaperones. It can prove difficult to organize a field trip and make arrangements for students who cannot afford to go, collect parental consent, budget the transportation needs and find enough parents who will supervise.

How would you prepare a questionnaire for a factory visit?

Answer Expert Verified The questions which are constructive are: 1)Mention some of the difference software’s which are mainly used in a factory. 2)Challenges faced on the construction of the factory. 3)What is the major problem affecting the running of the factory.