Paint a Calming Ocean Scene

How do you paint a calm ocean?

Paint a Calming Ocean Scene

  1. Mix white with a little pthalo blue and start at the top of your canvas.
  2. Work the colors into the canvas by adding more blue as you move down.
  3. Next, add some waves by dipping your smaller brush into white.
  4. Continue to paint horizontal lines as you move back to the horizon line.

How to paint realistic ocean waves?

Allow the paint to flow. Sometimes I’ll use heavily pigmented acrylic paints mixed with water so it can be use like watercolour and I let the water take over.

  • Don’t try to be photo-realistic. I don’t think it’s worthwhile to try to capture every wave and ripple—it will drive you insane.
  • Make each reflection your own.
  • Be sparing with your palette knife.
  • How to paint ocean waves on a wall?


  • Plastic painting tarp
  • Tape
  • Blue interior paint (two shades)
  • Paint rollers and various brushes
  • Painting trays
  • Charcoal pencil or wave stencil
  • Pushpins
  • Sponge
  • White acrylic or interior paint
  • How to paint ocean waves for spray paint artists?

    – The horizon line is the point where the ocean meets the skyline. It should be convex, meaning it curves outward, without being noticeable to the eye. – When it comes to color, cool blues and violets work well under the foam of waves. Limit use of white, as it can make a painting feel busy. – Decide whether you want to focus more on the water or the sky.

    How to make ocean resin wave art?

    The three large containers of resin were colored with Resin Obsession opaque white, transparent teal and transparent blue . The little bit of leftover resin got Krylon silver metallic spray paint. The base for this painting is a 12 inch square ceramic white tile. I covered it with alternating ribbons of teal and blue resin.