And, the best part is I add to it all the time!

How do you keep your house clean for Class 1?

And, the best part is I add to it all the time!

  1. Make Your Bed Every Day.
  2. Hang Up Clothes and Put Shoes Away.
  3. Do One Load of Laundry A Day.
  4. Put Things Back Where They Belong.
  5. Clean Your Kitchen Each Night.
  6. Handle The Mail Every Day.
  7. Wipe Down Surfaces After Use.

What should we keep neat and clean?

How to Keep a House Clean Daily

  1. Make the bed. The best way to start your day is by making your bed.
  2. Clean as you cook. As you learn how to keep a house clean, pay close attention to clutter in the kitchen.
  3. Grab as you go.
  4. Wipe up messes as they happen.
  5. Sort the mail.
  6. Sweep the kitchen floor.

How do you do a deep clean?

Deep cleaning your house: A room-by-room guide

  1. Clear away the clutter.
  2. Make a game plan.
  3. Take stock.
  4. Scrub all showers, bathtubs, sinks and toilets.
  5. Wipe down light fixtures, mirrors and window treatments.
  6. Wash glass shower doors.
  7. Toss any cloth curtains or bath mats in the washing machine.
  8. Clean out under the sinks and inside drawers.

How much should a house cleaner charge?

The average cost of house cleaning is $90 to $150 and the average national hourly rate is $25 to $90 per cleaner. A single family home should cost $120 to $150 to clean, according to Home Advisor.

Why is it important to be neat and tidy?

A clear and clean work environment gives a good impression to visitors besides providing peace of mind to employees. This enables them to take pride in the efficient physical systems and boost confidence, simultaneously improving the overall work atmosphere.

How do I prepare my house for cleaning?

5 Ways To Prepare For Your House Cleaner

  1. Put items away for a more complete cleaning Putting items away before your cleaning professional arrives allows your cleaner easier access to surface areas that need to be cleaned.
  2. Put private items and valuables away Put valuables and items away that you would not wish to be disturbed or touched.