You can cancel all of your Xfinity services in several ways.

How do you cancel your Comcast service?

You can cancel all of your Xfinity services in several ways.

  1. Request a call back.
  2. Chat with us online.
  3. Visit your local Xfinity Store.
  4. Complete a simple online cancellation form (we’ll call you within two business days of receipt to confirm your request).

How do I contact Comcast by phone?

Please call us at 1-800-XFINITY to talk to one of our customer service representatives for further information.

Can I cancel my Comcast in person?

Cancel Your Service in Person If you can find a store in your area, this method is convenient since a customer service representative will submit your request to cancel your service right away. You won’t have to wait to get a phone call from Xfinity with this method.

How much will it cost to cancel my Xfinity service?

$25 monthly fee per line If you’ve moved and your new address doesn’t qualify for Xfinity Internet, Xfinity Voice or Xfinity TV, or you cancel these services for any reason, you’ll see a $25/month fee per line on future Xfinity Mobile bills.

What happens when you cancel Xfinity?

Since you recently canceled your Xfinity service, you’ll see new service fees for unlimited talk and text on your Xfinity Mobile account. When the Xfinity Mobile primary account holder doesn’t have Xfinity Internet, Voice or TV, there is a $25 monthly fee for each Xfinity Mobile line.

Do I need to return cables to Comcast?

The only cable you are required to return is the power cord since it is specific to the device you were using. You don’t need to return the ethernet or coaxial cables.

Is Cancelling cable worth it?

When you stop and consider it, having cable TV is really just a want and certainly not a need. If you’re truly looking for ways to save money, then canceling your cable is an excellent option to save over $200 per month.

How do I get Comcast to waive cancellation fee?

Here’s a complete guide to trick Comcast to waive your early termination fee (ETF)….

  1. Keep All Your Documents Handy:-
  2. Call the Retention Team at 1-800-266-2278.
  3. Make Sure You Ask for the Early Termination Fee to Be Waived.

Does Comcast prorated when you cancel?

However, when you cancel services we will prorate the charges to that day in the final bill. So you’ll be getting a statement mailed to you within 30-days of your cancelation date with a check for the difference.

What is the best way to cancel Comcast?

Call Comcast

  • Chat with Xfnity online
  • Go to an Xfinity store
  • Fill out a cancellation request
  • Maill a cancellation request
  • How to cancel Comcast in 5 steps?

    Being that we are the number one provider of internet and TV service in the entire country,why is that you are not wanting to have the number one rated

  • So you’re not interested in the fastest internet in the country?
  • You don’t want something that works?
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  • How do I cancel my Comcast Cable?

    The first question which customer representative will ask you will be about your identity.

  • Mainly they call you to confirm the cancellation.
  • Try not to tell the representative the reason for cancellation.
  • The Xfinity representative will also ask you for the date of cancellation.
  • Is it possible to cancel Comcast?

    When you find the total amount becoming unmanageable, you have three main options: cancel the Comcast service, and end it there, switch to an alternative cable provider, or negotiate with Comcast for a lower bill. When you are able to negotiate a discount with Comcast, continue showing that you are a good customer.