Embed Basics

How do you add a link to a Tumblr reblog?

  1. Open a Web browser and log in to your Tumblr dashboard. Click a post you want to edit or click the “New Post” button to create a new post.
  2. Type the text you want to use to create the hyperlink.
  3. Click the “Link” icon at the top of the posting editor.
  4. Type your URL in the opened dialog window.

How do you embed code on Tumblr?

Embed Basics

  1. Click the share icon ( ) on the post in your dashboard, then select “Embed.”
  2. A new tab will open where you can adjust the language setting, if needed.
  3. Once you have the desired language selected, copy the code and paste it wherever you’d like to embed the post.

How do you reblog on Tumblr without reblog button?

Press “Alt-R” to reblog the post. The post will appear on your timeline immediately.

Can I reblog myself on Tumblr?

If you use Tumblr for a blog, you can reblog your own posts to add clarification, fun captions, or simply to re-share your with all of your followers. If you want to reblog something you have posted on Tumblr, you only need to find the post and reblog it by clicking on the “reblog” button.

Why is my Tumblr link not working?

If your link page isn’t working, make sure you’ve included https:// at the beginning of the URL in the page edit box. If your blog doesn’t show page links, a few things could be happening: You are using a theme that doesn’t support pages. You are using custom HTML that doesn’t support pages.

How do I add social media links to my Tumblr?

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Sign Up or Log Into Your Tumblr Account to Create or Access Your Blog.
  2. Choose Your Social Media Buttons.
  3. Customize Your Buttons and Grab the Code.
  4. Access Your Tumblr Theme Code.
  5. Search Through Your Theme Code.
  6. Paste the Button Code Into Your Theme Code.

Can you embed a Tumblr post?

Tumblr offers embed codes to place a published post on any website that allows an HTML embed. From the Desktop Dashboard, simply click the three-dots icon and select “Embed” from the sharing menu.

How do you put links in your Tumblr description on mobile?

How to: Add links to your Tumblr description/sidebar

  1. Step one: Open the “edit theme” page. Log into Tumblr and click on the ‘human’ cog icon and Select your blog from the right-hand column. Click the Edit appearance option.
  2. Step two: changing your description. I’ve highlighted the box where you can add your description.

Why can’t I reblog a Tumblr post?

It’s something that Tumblr staff turns on automatically for Tumblrs with a LOT of followers. To fix it, they will have to ask Tumblr on their own to flip the toggle and allow NSFW blogs to interact with their content. Then and only then will you be able to reblog their stuff.

What is reblog app?

Reblog allows you to browse your dashboard, create posts to share with your followers. You can follow and unfollow blogs. You can also edit your post in the special creating and editing screen. Also features fullscreen browsing of your dashboard and blogs in wallpaper mode.

How do you reblog on Tumblr reblog?

You can also reblog starting from a certain post in the reblog thread. Just click the username of whoever made the reblog you want to reblog from. It’ll open up, and you can click or tap its reblog icon to reblog that post.

Should you reblog on Tumblr?

Do Reblog But Don’t Repost Whenever you come across a post you’d like to share on your Tumblr blog, reblog it instead of reposting it. By reblogging, you credit the original author of the post. When you repost, you give the impression that you are the original poster, which isn’t true.

How do I reblog on Tumblr?

In Firefox, right-click the link and then click “Bookmark This Link.” In Chrome, right-click an existing bookmark, click “New page” and then paste the code into the box labeled “URL.” Type a Tumblr post URL into your address bar to open a post that you want to reblog. Click the new bookmark in your bookmark manager to open Tumblr’s reblogging page.

How do I change the URL of a Tumblr post?

How to use: Add this script either before your end body tag ( ) or in the head section ( ) of the tumblr where you saved your old URL. Change oddhour.tumblr.com to whatever your new URL is.

How do I Find my blog post on Tumblr?

Finding your Blog Post Log into your Tumblr account. Go to tumblr.com and log in. Click on “Account.”. In the upper right-hand corner there are six icons. Click on your blog name. This will redirect you to your blog feed. Scroll until you find the post you want to reblog.

Can You reblog your own posts on your blog?

Some blogs lack this button, but you can still reblog their entries using Javascript and individual post URLs. Reblogging through URLs expands the content available to your blog, and you can even use this process to reblog your own posts, which is otherwise impossible.