Using command line switches

How do I use switches in outlook?

Using command line switches

  1. Open the Run command by pressing the Windows Logo + R on your keyboard.
  2. In the box you opened in step 1, type; outlook.exe.
  3. Press the SPACEBAR once, and then type a forward slash mark ( / ) followed by the switch you want to use (see the list below).

What does Cleanreminders switch do?

Removes all manually added From entries from the profile. Clears and regenerates reminders. All previous roamed preferences are deleted and copied again from the local settings on the computer where this switch is used.

How do I run Cleanviews in outlook?

From the Run command (Windows Key + R), type outlook.exe /cleanviews and click OK. 3. Outlook will open and all view settings will be set to default.

Why is my outlook suddenly disconnected?

Outlook is disconnected This is probably due to a temporary hiccup in your connectivity to the network/ VPN. When back online, Outlook might automatically try to re-connect back to the server. If this doesn’t work, here is how to easily reconnect.

What is a switch or option?

A command line switch (also known as an option, a parameter, or a flag) acts as a modifier to the command you are issuing in the Command Prompt window, in a batch file, or in other scripts. Usually, a switch is a single letter preceded by a forward slash.

How do I create a command line switch?

Press “Space” and then enter the command-line switch, usually beginning with a forward slash or hyphen followed by a command. For example, type “/a” (without quotes here and in subsequent commands) or “-windowed=1.” Include one space before each switch and each parameter within the same switch.

What is Outlook exe Cleanreminders?

If the items inside the folder are deleted, those items will be removed from the calendar. Run the Outlook.exe /cleanreminders or Outlook.exe /ResetFolders command line. (This step re-creates the Reminders folder and adds any valid entries back in.)

What does Outlook exe Resetnavpane do?

/resetnavpane Resets the navigation pane back to the default when Outlook starts.

What is Outlook exe ResetFolders?

Use the /resetfolders switch to restore missing folders at the default delivery location.

How do I get my Outlook back online?

Returning to an online work mode is a simple process. In Outlook, on the Send/Receive tab, choose Work Offline to reconnect.

What is a switch used for?

A switch is used in a wired network to connect to other devices using Ethernet cables. The switch allows each connected device to talk to the others. Wireless-only networks do not use switches because devices such as wireless routers and adapters communicate directly with one another.

How do I switch between versions of Microsoft Outlook 2007?

Microsoft Outlook 2007’s Command lines. The switches available between versions of Outlook vary slightly, but many of the switches will work in other versions. To use switches, at the Start menu, Run command type: Outlook /switch. In Windows 7 and Vista, you can type the command in the Search box on the start menu.

To use switches, at the Start menu, Run command type: Outlook /switch. In Windows 7 and Vista, you can type the command in the Search box on the start menu. In all versions, you can press Windows key + R to open the run dialog. Occasionally you’ll need to use the full path to Outlook, so the command line looks like:

What is the default Startup switch for Outlook?

The default startup switch for Outlook is outlook.exe /recycle. This switch tells Outlook to open in an existing window if one exists. Other switches: /a filename – Launches a message with the specified file as an attachment /c ipm.activity – Creates a new journal item

What is a command-line switch in outlook?

In this example, a command-line switch has been added to the .exe file for Microsoft Outlook. The switch consists of a forward slash and a word or abbreviation that indicates the switch’s action. This switch tells Outlook to launch without showing the Reading Pane.