To restore archived redo logs to a new location:

How do I restore archive log from backup?

To restore archived redo logs to a new location:

  1. Start RMAN and connect to a target database.
  2. Ensure that the database is mounted or open.
  3. Perform the following operations within a RUN command: Specify the new location for the restored archived redo logs using SET ARCHIVELOG DESTINATION .

How do I restore my Archivelog sequence?

Restoring archivelogs from RMAN tape backup

  1. If you want to restore particular sequence of archivelogs from RMAN tape backup, then follow below steps.
  2. connect target sys/******@CRM_DB.
  3. Above script will restore the archive sequences from 7630 to 7640 to to /dumparea location .

How do I use archive logs in RMAN?

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  1. Copy the archive logs from primary to standby (Dbvisit ARCHDEST location), rename the files and then run dbvisit to apply logs.
  2. Copy the archive logs from primary to standby (Dbvisit ARCHDEST location), use RMAN to catalog the files and then apply them using RMAN.

How do I apply missing archive logs manually in standby database?

At standby site, Do the log file registration at the standby site until all the missing log files are registered, Use this below command. SQL> alter database register logfile ‘/log/file/location/log_file_name_n. arc’; Now apply would take place and your standby will become sync with the primary.

How do I catalog a RMAN backup piece?

Use the CATALOG command to do the following:

  1. Add backup pieces and image copies on disk to the RMAN repository.
  2. Record a data file copy as a level 0 incremental backup in the RMAN repository, which enables you to use it as part of an incremental backup strategy.

How do I use archive logs?

To apply the archived redo logs in the archive gap

  1. Start up and mount the standby database (if it is not already mounted).
  2. Recover the database using the AUTOMATIC option:
  3. Cancel recovery after the Oracle database server has applied the available logs, by executing the following statement (or typing CTRL+C):

How do I change the archive log destination?

Expand Databases. Expand your database. Expand Instance and select Configuration. You can change the archive destination on the Recovery page.

How do I move archive logs in ASM?

Copy archive log from ASM to disk in Oracle

  1. RMAN command is used for copying archive from ASM to Disk.
  2. Use AMDCMD command for copying archive from ASM to Disk.
  3. Use this for copy all the file present in archive folder.
  4. Restore archive log from back at specific location.

How do I restore a standby database?

Recover the database using the AUTOMATIC option: SQL> ALTER DATABASE RECOVER AUTOMATIC STANDBY DATABASE; The AUTOMATIC option automatically generates the name of the next archived redo log file needed to continue the recovery operation.

How do I restore missing archive logs on standby?

How to Recover Standby Database from a Missing Archive Log by applying the Incremental backup from Production Database. Resync the standby database using an incremental RMAN backup from the primary database. Advantages: This does not require a full rebuild of the standby database and can be a lot more efficient.

How do I restore a standby database from a missing archive log?

1. Resolve Huge GAP between Primary and Standby 2. Resolve GAP when archivelogs Missing/corrupted.

  1. Verify GAP.
  2. Stop Redo Transfer (On Primary)
  3. Find current SCN from Standby.
  4. Take RMAN Incremental from SCN (On Primary)
  5. Create Standby Control file.
  6. Transfer Backup to standby.
  7. List Control file location on standby.

How do I restore a control file?

You can restore the control file from a known control file copy using this form of the command: RMAN> RESTORE CONTROLFILE from ‘filename’; The control file copy found at the location specified by filename will be written to all locations listed in the CONTROL_FILES initialization parameter.