Get Badoo Premium for Free Using Desktop Using Smartphone

How do I get free premium life on Badoo?

Get Badoo Premium for Free Using Desktop Using Smartphone

  1. Open Badoo app on your Android or iPhone device.
  2. Click on the Profile tab in the bottom bar.
  3. Click the Settings icon and select Account in the next step.
  4. Ensure that your email id is correct and tap Get Password.

How do you get unlimited coins on Badoo?

A much safer way to earn free credits is to use the ‘Credits From Friends’ function. Simply invite friends to join Badoo and you receive credits in return. If you use the Badoo website to invite your friend, once they sign up you should see a Collect button next to their name, hit that to get your credits.

How much does Badoo premium cost?

Price | How Much Does Badoo Cost?

Membership Type Membership Length Membership Cost
Premium Monthly $9.99
Premium 3 months $24.99
Premium 6 months $34.99
Premium Lifetime $59.99

What do you get with Badoo premium?

Badoo Premium allows you to access the key services of the Badoo social site. The app offers useful features including chat, profiles, super powers, and localization. If you are looking for an iPhone and iPad dating app then check this one out.

Is Badoo premium free?

Unlike some other online dating sites, such as or, most of Badoo’s premium features aren’t paid for through a monthly subscription. Instead, you have to purchase Badoo “credits,” and then spend them on the features you want to use.

How do you see who liked you on Badoo without paying?

Unfortunately, there is no other way of knowing who liked you than paying for a premium service. This is not too costly and it opens up more possibilities, making it easier to find dates and friends within the app. Our final advice to you is to use your best pictures, which you can import them from other social media.

How do you pay for premium on Badoo?

How do I change my premium account on Badoo?

Open Badoo and click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the screen. This will bring up a menu with 2 options: Settings & Premium account settings. Click on the second one (Premium account settings).

How much is Badoo premium UK?

Badoo prices and membership fees Badoo Premium Prices: 1 week: £4.99 (normally £16) 1 month: £17.99 (normally £61) 3 months: £43.99 (normally £165)

Why does no one like me on Badoo?

It is because you are not honest about yourself on there. You made a profile that makes you seem like the perfect guy but when they meet you they see that you were not honest and so they don’t trust you at all. When a match happens in Badoo, do both get notified? Thanks for reaching out via Quora!

Is Badoo better than Tinder?

Security (Winner: Badoo) While it’s extremely difficult to catch every single fake profile and scam account, Badoo has more security features than Tinder. Badoo users can verify their profiles with pictures, phone numbers, or they can link to their social media accounts.

Does Badoo really work?

Badoo is a mobile application which has millions of users, with a high- user retention rate. It offers free texting service for its users. It offers users interest-based tools on which it pays attention to users` interests. It also delivers anonymous messaging, and contact discovery with its users.

Is Badoo a free dating site?

Encounters with Badoo. Badoo Encounters is a game that allows you to search for matches.

  • People nearby. People Nearby,Badoo’s primary search tool,allows you to locate other members.
  • Featured Users. You can find different profile photographs in the lower right corner of your profile page.
  • Message Feature.
  • Badoo Live.
  • What is Badoo and is it free?

    Badoo is a free online network platform with the main focus on dating that can be used within laptop and mobile devices. The design of the app can be considered more useful and accessible for phones rather than laptops.

    Can I be unblocked on Badoo?

    Once a user has been blocked, it is not possible to create new accounts. However, if you wish, we can investigate the case and double-check that the account has been blocked fairly. Simply drop us a private message with the email address linked to your Badoo account and we will look into this for you!