How to Stop a Acer Laptop Overheating

How do I fix my Acer laptop from overheating?

How to Stop a Acer Laptop Overheating

  1. Position the laptop on a flat & hard surface – While I kept my laptop on my bed and worked, it heated up as the air vents were blocked.
  2. Use a cooling pad – Sometimes using a cooling pad also helps.

Why is my laptop fan so loud all of a sudden Acer?

Loud laptop fans mean heat; if your fans are always loud then that means your laptop is always hot. Dust and hair buildup are unavoidable, and only serves to reduce airflow. Reduced airflow means poor heat dissipation, so you’ll need to physically clean the machine to make things better.

What is Acer smart fan?

The fan speed is set with “Smart Fan Control,” which automatically adjusts the fan speed depending on the temperature of the CPU. This means that your fan isn’t running all the time. This can make the computer quieter but more likely to get hot.

How do I cool down my Acer laptop?

How to cool down your computer

  1. Don’t block your computer’s vents.
  2. Use a laptop cooling pad.
  3. Avoid using programs that push your computer’s CPU limits.
  4. Clean your computer’s fans and vents.
  5. Change your computer’s settings to improve its performance.
  6. Shut down the computer.

How can I cool down my laptop?

How to Cool Down a Hot Laptop

  1. Give It a Break. The simplest and most reliable way is to shut your laptop down.
  2. Reduce Load on the Processor.
  3. Check the Power Settings.
  4. Clean the Vents.
  5. Use on a Flat Surface.
  6. Work on a Laptop Cooling Mat.
  7. Don’t Use Whilst Charging.
  8. Consider the Room Temperature.

Can we control fan speed in Acer Aspire 7?

Since, aspire series doesn’t have an inbuilt fan control software, I use Predator Sense to control Fan speed.

How do I turn off the fan on my Acer laptop?

Find the section “Smart Fan“/”Fan Settings” select it. The fan settings will generally be located under “CPU“, “Hardware Monitor” or “Advanced“. Find one of these and press “Enter” to find the fan settings to change its setting into “disabled”.