You just need good soil to seed contact and a lawn roller can do the job.

Can you use a lawn roller for food plots?

You just need good soil to seed contact and a lawn roller can do the job.

Can I use a lawn roller instead of a cultipacker?

Both are rolling implements that are used to smooth soil and increase soil contact for planted seeds. However, while a lawn roller simply compresses topsoil, a cultipacker breaks up clods of dirt and compresses the soil. Lawn rollers are usually used on grassy lawns but can be used on the soil.

Do you need a cultipacker?

Cultipacking is especially important when you are planting small-seeded crops like clover, alfalfa, chicory, and brassicas, because it ensures consistent seed-to-soil contact across the entire food plot while minimizing the number of seeds that are planted too deeply.

What does a lawn roller do?

Lawn rollers are heavy cylinders that are attached to an axle and either towed behind a garden tractor or pulled by hand to smooth topsoil and flatten out bumpy or irregular yards. They’re often used when seeding a new lawn as a way to press the seeds into the topsoil and improve the germination process.

How heavy should a cultipacker be?

Factory made cultipackers using 9 1/2 wheels weigh about a 75-100 lbs per foot.

How do you use a cultipacker for food plots?

Pull the cultipacker over a food plot after disking to firm and smooth the seedbed before broadcasting small-seeded crops. Then, cultipack again after broadcasting. This way, the seed will be pressed into the surface of an already firm seedbed.

What does a cultipacker do?

A cultipacker is a piece of agricultural equipment that crushes dirt clods, removes air pockets, and presses down small stones, forming a smooth, firm seedbed.

What are the benefits of no till food plots?

Manage cover crops without chemicals, sprays or disking/tilling ground. Reduce the need for herbicides in traditional no till food plots. Boost the mulching aspects of cover crops. Maximize weed suppression by rolling cover crops. Preserves soil moisture by reducing evaporation.

What equipment do you need to start a food plotter business?

The basic equipment you must have to call yourself any kind of “food plotter” is a set of disk harrows, a machine that will pull it (whether an ATV or a tractor), and some type of seed spreader, even if it’s only a hand-held, hand-cranked spreader.

What is the new RTP outdoors Goliath crimper roller?

RTP Outdoors is proud to announce the newest addition to your hunting food plot needs. The Goliath Crimper Roller is the perfect tool for wildlife managers wanting to mechanical kill or terminate cover crops without the use of expensive chemicals.