Are NAA revolvers worth it?

The NAA Mini Revolver is a neat little revolver that has great appeal. It is reliable, well made, stainless steel and reasonably powerful for its size. Ever since the introduction of this little jewel, it has been immensely popular and well accepted.

What is NAA mini revolver?

The NAA . 22 Long Rifle is the most popular Mini-Revolver ever produced. With the many current accessories, it is versatile for many applications and is the standard by which other Mini-Revolvers are judged. We offer our . 22 Long Rifle Mini-Revolver in both a 1 & 1/8″ Barrel and a 1 & 5/8″ Barrel configuration.

How accurate is a NAA mini revolver?

The NAA revolvers are surprisingly accurate. Originally, I thought that the rifling in my NAA-22LR was inadequate for spinning the bullet. In fact, it does keyhole with one brand of ammo, which I don’t use anyway. With others (I use CCI Stingers here), I can group at ten yards on a Milpark target.

How much does a mini revolver cost?

North American Arms 22 LR Mini Revolver -The NAA . 22 Long Rifle is the most popular Mini-Revolver ever produced….1 of 8.

Price $219.99
Barrel Length 1.1in
Finish Stainless
Grips Black Rubber
Sights Fixed

How much is a small 22 revolver?

1 of 9

Price $229.99
Action Revolver
Capacity 5
Barrel Length 1.1in
Finish Stainless

Can you shoot 22 short in a 22LR NAA?

The . 22 short model is simply a shortened . 22LR model so the pressures involved with the . 22LR are no problem for the shorts cylinder.

Who makes the smallest 22 revolver?

North American Arms
NAA 22LR Mini Revolver The smallest offering in this list, the North American Arms . 22LR Mini Revolver is true to name – mini! The wee wheelgun is only 4 inches long and 3.75 inches high, featuring a 1 1/8-inch barrel chambered in the beloved .